Whether you are looking to fund a single car to an entire fleet, agricultural equipment to construction equipment, industrial plant to IT we have the knowledge & funding options to suit your requirements.

We provide quick, reliable, cost effective finance solutions for businesses.

About US

We have combined experience of more than 20 years within the finance & banking industry.

Helping businesses to purchase the cars, HGVs, plant, machinery or technology they need to expand & develop their business.

At a time when businesses are finding it difficult to secure funds, we still have a range of lenders who are in a position to satisfy the needs of most businesses at a competitive rates.


As an independent finance provider we work with multiple lenders. We are approachable & have the flexibility to support your needs.

We are available when you need us & believe in providing you with a reliable first class personal service.

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Type of Finance

  Asset Finance Options for everyone

We have transacted thousands of asset finance agreements over the years, lending millions of pounds against a wide range of business assets.

We are fully independent, working with multiple lenders which means that we are not restricted to one specific lender's criteria. This experience enables us to secure the best finance options for you.

We offer a full range of financial products giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your business.

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  • Hire purchase allows you to spread the purchase cost of an asset over a longer period, (typically between 1-7 years), with regular fixed or variable rate payments.

    You can input an up-front deposit or part exchange & add lump sum final payments to reduce your monthly costs.

    Ownership/title to the goods passes to you on completion of the agreement.

  • A finance lease is a type of agreement where the finance company is typically the legal owner of the asset during the duration of the agreement.

    You don’t need to pay the VAT up front, assisting cash flow. When the lease term is over, you don't own the asset but you’ll get a portion of the resale value or could continue to use the assets within your business.

  • With an operating lease, the finance company retains ownership of the asset and you pay a fixed monthly rental to use it. This lets you acquire high value or specialist equipment without taking on the risk of it losing value.

    The asset could be off your balance sheet so you ‘may’ be able to offset payments against taxable profits. You can also usually reclaim VAT on the asset.

  • An alternative to bank loans & overdrafts.

    Re-finance allows you to raise funds against your existing assets, (vehicles, plant & machinery, construction equipment). You then continue to use the assets within your business while the cash value goes straight into your cash reserves.